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"I can't remember what happened..."

You awaken in the middle of the forest with vague memories of an accident. Your logging crew is missing. But when you start searching, you uncover something that should have stayed hidden...

Featuring stunning photos, haunting soundscapes, and gripping story, Buried lets players make choices that affect the plot: how to approach danger, who to trust, and who lives or dies.

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Developed by Bromoco Games, based in Silicon Valley, California

Release Date: January 5, 2016

Platforms: iOS (iPhone + iPad), Android, Steam (Windows + Mac)

Price: USD $2.99

Game Website: | Studio Website:

Game Description:

Buried is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style story for iOS/Android and PC/Mac. It follows a logger who wakes up in the middle of the forest, unable to remember what's happened. He finds that his crew is missing and when he starts searching around, he uncovers something that should have stayed hidden.

Featuring gorgeous photos, a haunting soundscape and gripping text, players make choices throughout the game that affect the plot: how to approach danger, who to trust, and who lives or dies.


The Bromoco Games team been interested in the interactive fiction space for a while. Storytelling in games has come a long way in the past few years with games like The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain, and now seemed about the right time to try to merge those gameplay styles with text. Majd Bennani, Robert Kleiner and Brice started working together to make Buried a reality in May 2015.

Barry Napier joined the team as a published dark fiction author who was excited about working with us to craft the story. Barry's work has appeared in more than 40 online and print publications and he is the creator of several popular fiction series including The Bleeding Room, the Everything Theory series, The Hollows, and The Masks of Our Fathers.

Soon after Gimu, a terrifying ambient composer joined the team and did all the amazing creepy music.


Game Design by Brice Morrison. Story by Barry Napier and Brice Morrison. Programming by Majd Bennani. Music by Gimu. Artwork by Robert Kleiner


"You chose to go it alone..." : Branching and altered storylines depending on player choices

"You and 33% of players took him with you..." : Learn how your choices compared to other players

30+ jaw dropping photos

15+ music tracks

~4 hours of playtime

Supported on iOS and Android

About Bromoco Games:

Bromoco Games was founded in September 2014 by industry designer Brice Morrison, who has been making professional games since 2007. At Bromoco Games we strive to make games that allow us to push the medium forward as an art form, as well as make players think. We make games for all platforms.

Game Images:

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Coming January 2016 to the App Store and Play Store

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